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New Coursework Procedures


All:  Please be advised that Headquarters has changed the way coursework is done.  Starting this year, cadets will need to access the bookwork via the USNSCC Homeport website. On Homeport, you can access all the coursework required by this program.  Through the Homeport website, you will also need to print out the answer sheets for each assignment.


NSCC Coursework:



NSCC Answer Sheets:



NLCC Coursework:



NLCC Answer Sheets:





Cadets will be informed at the beginning of the drill year of the coursework due dates.  We WILL NOT accept any last minute submissions (NO exceptions).  If coursework is not turned in ON TIME, you will NOT be able to participate in unit events.


Once you have completed an assignment, you can either turn it in during a drill, or you can scan and email them to me at the email listed on this page.  (Please no photos of the answer sheets as they come out too blurry and we cannot read the answers.)




All advancement tests are now done online as well.  When you are ready to test, you will send  an email to: vdebolt@bdsc.navy with the following information:


Cadet Name.

Cadet Email.

What test you are ready to take.


I will register the test in the system and will then email the cadet with a link and login information.  The cadet then logs in and takes the test and will be emailed their results.  When they receive the email with the results, THEY MUST FORWARD THAT EMAIL TO ME so I can record the results in Magellan.  If this is not done, the cadet will not get credit and will not be able to promote.


Any questions you may have, please email me at:  vdebolt@bdsc.Navy